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It feels so good…

Posted by Viral Trivedi on June 25, 2009

It feels so good –

 When I see you looking so affectionately at me,

When I feel the warmth of – you holding me,


When I see how caringly you’re wiping my tears,

When I hear you talking your heart out to me,


When there is only LOVE everywhere…

Between the two of you and me,


When there is a divine smile on your face,

When there is real joy in your voice,


When happiness doesn’t depart as soon as it arrives,

And when nothing at all is wrong between us,          

…  It feels so very good



When anything blissful like this happens,



3 Responses to “It feels so good…”

  1. shiwuz said

    You always have a twist (and a good one for that), don’t u? 🙂

  2. Rajesh said

    A very beautiful dream with great twist of words. 🙂

  3. vijay patel said

    Awesome !

    Everyone is poet when he is in love.

    Pyar ka dard , pyar ko khonewala hi jane

    Hope life can be rewinded like a Video Cassete !!!

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