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Hope is the Name!


I opened my eyes and looked around
The world was all laid out for me
I stretched my feet and walked around
Colors of life spilled out for me

It was a long night, and with every passing moment,
The darkness just increased
The battle was never ending,
I just dint seem to believe there could be any peace

What gave me that power,
Who gave me that strength…
How did I do it,
Without one lament?

I picked up the tools to start digging my field
It came to me when I was about to yield
Something held my hand, subdued my cowardice…
I heard a sharp voice: Fight for your own peace!

I felt it was watching over me
When I thought I wont be able to play along
It gave me the wisdom it made me to think
My life had a meaning and it cannot be wronged

I know what it is, now I know
I remember the words as my mother spoke
Let all go my child but never let this go
One thing to survive and the name is Hope

I never gave up then, I stood till they were all gone
One down, two down, and so the count kept on…
I tackled and battled the foes of the night,
And when the last one fell, I wept like a child!

Now I know what the wise people say,
After every night, there is an unfailing day
I woke up this morning with thoughts of the past
I grinned and chuckled: come whatever may!


5 Responses to “Hope is the Name!”

  1. Rajesh said

    Very rightly said, HOPE is such a beautiful word in the life of a human being which takes him/her out of every situation of life, whatever bad situations come in life, if one has hope then no one can stop to overcome from that situation. Don’t loose HOPE, you will overcome any worse situation if your hopes are on the right and positive direction.

  2. shiwuz said


    Pa, Point agreed to!

  3. We live in hope, sweet hope!

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Viral affection-

    From the years old habit, i kept reading it as (we-ral affections) it took me while to figure out it was (y-ral affection!)

    Hope it is for me, For now and for ever!

  5. true that.

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