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Matter of a moment…


A moment away from you and I feel its been years
I just keep thinking of you and I break up into tears
A moment away from you like an arrow pierces my heart
I don’t know how I’ll be able to stay apart
I don’t know why I started missing you all of a sudden
Your memories to me are but a sweet burden
I think I am done I am a gone case
I don’t know why I wrote such a silly phrase
Well I can’t make it any better
So let me tell you straight

“I Love you like crazy”


15 Responses to “’emotions’”

  1. This poem of yours is such a darling! I love it!

  2. Hinal said


    Excellent…can glance ur love for Amit in this..

    when do u manage tme to think of these ?…lol

    Anyway keep it up and keep upadating us abt ur exceptional thoughts…


  3. shiwuz said

    @ Viral,

    Bro, thats the best compliment! thanks…

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Hinal,

    Lol, this was when he came back to US after the wedding… and imagine i had to study cuz of the exams… situations like this, thoughts are pretty much spontaneous!

  5. Rajesh Trivedi said

    Dear Shiwu, good lovely love thoughts!

  6. gaurav said

    gud thought.. thoda samja bhi dena detail mai per jk.. god bless

  7. shiwuz said


    M glad you liked it… after all, all my transactions to AJ should be approved by you…!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. shiwuz said

    @ Rajesh,

    Dont yell at me if I say these thoughts were during my final year’s final exams!

  9. yaake said

    This poem proves that one doesn’t need to be a PhD in English to express thoughts beautifully… (But if you’re a PhD in English, then I take back that comment! 😀 )
    Simple, brilliant and straight from the heart… Love it! 🙂

  10. shiwuz said

    @Yaake aka Nikhil,

    Now that is a tremendous compliment, and I take it with a thankful blush… no I am not a PhD in English (for that matter, m not a PhD in anything but how to mess things up!) It came over to my mind while writing a text message to someone special… and you got it right, it is straight from my heart…

    Thanks! 🙂

  11. yaake said

    lol… you’re welcome! 🙂

  12. Ashwathy said

    straight from the heart is rite… truly heart-breaking! 🙂

  13. shiwuz said

    @Ashu: thanks sweety, welcome to shiwuz!

  14. vijay patel said

    I was reading your poem of love and really one of world it hurts me ” Sudden” , why not ”Always”. If one love so intense than why sudden !!

    • shiwuz said

      Vijay, welcome to Shiwuz… I appreciate how you have noticed the tiniest details of this poem. Before I try to rationalize, I will let it out that this poem is actually what I felt for someone at a certain point in time… one of those poems which are not imagination, but all truth… the word ‘Sudden’ because my relationship was pretty juvenile when I had written this, I had known him for a very short time then, and the feelings I had were literally quite ‘sudden’…

      If I were to write this poem now, ‘sudden’ would not have been a part of the poem =)


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