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My Dear Guest

My Dear Guests,


For all of those who have words of wisdom to convey or to share, please feel free, and please feel compelled to some extent as well, to jot them down here… your constructive criticism is what I am looking forward to…

While you read thru my blog sipping on your coffee with an intention to relax for a bit, if any of my posts cause a turbulence in your heart, convolutions in your mind or any form of resonance in your soul… I would like to apologize for that in advance.

Peace be it – to you, to me and to the world!


14 Responses to “My Dear Guest”

  1. Keep up the good work.

    One suggestion: if you can type in Unicode hindi font. Check or any Hindi typepad.

  2. shiwuz said

    @ Chirag:

    Hi Chirag, Thank you for the good words.

    I will soon try to comment on my posts which use Hindi literature and English Font. I have downloaded the required from the website you recommended. Thanks again for your kind suggestion.

    I hope you keep coming back ( even if its just for more suggestions)! 🙂

    Take care!


  3. I wish to subscribe ur blog for updates but I don’t see it anywhere to do it. U shud keep ‘feeds’ link I think?

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Jemal:

    Dear, there are a couple links on the left hand side under the Meta Section, which gives you options to subscribe to the entire blog or just the comments. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

    And ofcourse, thank you for your interest, you have a very nice blog yourself too!


  5. shiwuz said

    10,001 visits precisey at this point in time, the 10,001st visitor being me as I wasn’t logged in…

  6. Dave Mayank said

    Jai Himja
    Dear Madam
    Very Nice website & very inspiration notes u r written.
    Very nice,
    Thaks 4 ur good relay.

  7. shiwuz said


    Thanks for stopping by and acknowledging. I hope I keep inspiring thru this medium.

    Jai Himja

  8. Jitendra Kaushik said

    Well what else to say, awesome work done. I would like to see a poem on parenthood too explaining the phases right from the beginning.
    I know you would be able to express these feeling in the best form and sincerely awaiting your poem.

    Jitendra kaushik

    • shiwuz said


      Thanks for the trust in me, the experience of parenthood is a very overwhelming and sobering at the same time. I will surely take up on your suggestion. It might be a really long thought out one but I will definitely work on it 🙂

      Thanks again, cheers!

  9. jitendra Kaushik said

    Corruption is spreading its roots,
    Indiscipline is what it includes.
    Usually it takes the form of bribe,
    The word is enough in itself for the happening to describe.
    It fills one’s mind with greed,
    Thus makes the person a broken reed.
    It fights against and kills the truth,
    Changing the real meaning of forsooth.
    It never does the work for humanity,
    And leads a man to the path of profanity.
    It makes a person blind,
    He forgets the true path to find.
    One wants his life to be luxurious,
    For this, he chose the way of corruption instead of being tedious.
    It makes one impatient so soon,
    It is totally a bane not a boon.
    So, lets take a pledge and raise a voice against corruption,
    As it is one of the biggest threats to the nation

    • shiwuz said

      Great work Jitendra! I wonder why you don’t have a blog of your own, you definitely should write more often!!

      • Jitendra Kaushik said

        That poem was written for your blog so dont mention my name for it. Just wanted to share my views with you.

        Will try sending some more to you on ur mail but never mention my name under them.

        Still awaiting ur poem on parenthood.

  10. thanks for the blog, doing well keep posting such stuffs.

  11. your articles are always awesome, and the design of your website helps to keep it beautiful.

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