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Posted by shiwuz on August 3, 2008

This may not be the first time I quote what my brother always says… ‘Appreciation is a writer’s biggest inspiration’… and I feel it, always! Yes it does give me feeling of strength, pride and all them good things… but most important, it inspires me to write, more and better…

This one is for one of those friends. I had no clue that he knew about my blog, and not just that – my friend has been a regular reader, and not just that, my next article is waited upon too!! Flattering of course! And I think – there may be many more like him, and may be not…

Again, the intentions are mostly to make sure I am not giving up on one of my favorite things – write! So here I write again, put together a few thoughts, hopefully they do what they always do!

All steps don’t leave footprints

Sometimes we walk just too light
Or maybe on the shores that are washed away every night

Not knowing that we touch the sand
To leave the impressions- those are highly volatile
That’s maybe how I also touched your hand
Aah those memories, I wish they, too, were fragile

So that whenever I would touch them
They would break up into pieces
And if I ever wanted to go back
There would be no sign or no traces

How I wish my heart was like the sand on a beach
No one could have ever marred
How I wish my heart was out of your reach
My happiness, you could have never barred

Oh though, you must know this
Your going away does not bother me
More so, I shall say I often pity you
For the truth that you could never see

And my tears, salted as the mighty sea
Have washed it all away,
Yes, I have gotten over you
Good thing I chose not to stay!

Yes I pity you,
How you failed yourself
I hope you get to feel now
What you have never felt

May Be – all steps do leave footprints
When you walk along the wet shores of a sea
Tho’ the waters do come to wash them
If they were not meant to be


3 Responses to “Footprints”

  1. Nikhil said

    This is too good! Especially this line:

    “More so, I shall say I often pity you
    For the truth that you could never see”

    Amazing! As usual, you amaze me! 🙂

  2. Rajesh said

    good thoughts on footprints. obviously each of our footprints, which even seen, r temporary if they r on the sand of the shore, and the water of the sea on the shores always wash them out. But if u want yr footprints 2 b always seen, dont use the sea shores……..

  3. shiwuz said

    @ Nikhil: glad u liked it… i hope i keep amazing you! infact that line of yours inspires me to write something else!! 😀

    @ Rajesh: sure dad… u know exactly what i mean!

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