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Posted by shiwuz on August 27, 2009

I was led by your nature
Or at least what you showed
The concern and care
That your actions bellowed

I trusted and believed
Whatever that you said
I thought you were for real
And gave up all I had

Yes, we started off quite alright
Whatever that we had
Until you leaked the farce
And showed off your real cad

Yes it hurt.
And it hurt quite a bit
When I finally gave up my woes
And declared we were illegit

After all,
I am but a human
I do re-live my wounds
Time and often

Today was such a day
And I decided to forgive you
And free MYself for ever
From the casts of this voodoo

You abused my innocence
Yes, you faltered my faith
I used to be a lover
There’s a reason why I hate.


5 Responses to “FORGiVE”

  1. Teresa Pham said

    I am a stranger … totally a stranger who came across your blog … I am a person who is not interested in blogging … but reading and ‘feeling’ … ‘Forgive’ … Yeah … All of sudden … I’ve recognized that … Thanks … Keep up your good job !!! … Will be back your own world as often as I could !!!

    • shiwuz said

      Teresa, Glad to know you honored ‘Forgive’ in such a way – knowing your sort-of-disinterest in blogging… It means a lot! I hope you will come around more often and find the same delight in some other articles as well…

      I appreciate your appreciation and I thank you for the same,


  2. Teresa said

    The pleasure is all mine … I am quite surprised since you reply … I thought you would never reply 🙂

    • shiwuz said

      Teresa, if you would take a minute down to acknowledge my work, I would no doubt do the same to gratify the acknowledgement… =)

      • Teresa said

        Actually I ‘explored’ your own world the very first time I came across ( not all but I read almost your Top posts )… and I acknowledged your work too … 🙂 since I am a stranger so I guess it does not matter to reply … that’s why I am quite surprised. btw, Happy New Year to you!

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