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Archive for the ‘lost friends’ Category

Kal Kabhi Guzri Hi Nahin…

Posted by shiwuz on July 9, 2011

Pehle ghanto baatein karte thae
Itni baatein ki waqt kam pad jaata tha
Fir ye toh hui kuch dus baara saal pehle ki baat
Aaj ki toh kuch alag hi kahaani hai

Dus saal guzar chuke
Lekin yaadein jaise abhi tak bani hi nahin
Kyun? Tum shaayad puchho
Kyunki lagtaa hai jaise sab ab hi ki kahaani hai

Jaise sab ab hi ho rahaa hai
Jaise kal kabhi guzri hi nahin
Jaise tum saamne ho mere
Aur raat abhi utri hi nahin

Kahaan kabhi socha thaa
Ke tum itnaa yaad aaoge
Ye bhi kahaa socha thaa
Ke tum aise hi bichhad jaaoge

Aaj bhi toh hoti hai apni baatein
Lekin wo pehle jaisi baat kahaan?
Itna kuch dabaa liya hai dil mein ki
Hothon k liye kuch baaki hi nahin

Aaj waqt toh kaafi hai
Lekin baatein kam pad jaati hai
Dil baith sa jaata hai, aur aankhein?
Aankein bejhijhak nam ho jaati hai

Baato baato mein, Kal ki yaado mein,
kahaan se kahaan kho gai
Jo kehna thaa wo kahaa hi nahin
Phir jo apni baat ho toh bataaungi
Chaahti toh tumhe shaayad bhulaa deti
Lekin aisaa naa jaane kyu, kabhi chaahaa hi nahin…


पहले  घंटो  बातें  करते  थे
इतनी  बातें  की  वक़्त  कम  पड़  जाता  था
फिर  ये  तो  हुई  कुछ  दस  बारा साल  पहले  की  बात
आज  की  तो  कुछ  अलग  ही  कहानी  है

दस  साल  गुज़र  चुके
लेकिन  यादें  जैसे  अभी  तक  बनी  ही  नहीं
क्यूँ ? तुम  शायद  पूछो
क्यूंकि  लगता  है  जैसे  सब  अब  ही  की  कहानी  है

जैसे  सब  अब  ही  हो  रहा  है
जैसे  कल  कभी  गुज़री  ही  नहीं
जैसे  तुम  सामने  हो  मेरे
और  रात  अभी  उतरी  ही  नहीं

कहाँ  कभी  सोचा  था
के  तुम  इतना  याद  आओगे
ये  भी  कहा  सोचा  था
के  तुम  ऐसे  ही  बिछड़  जाओगे

आज  भी  तो  होती  है  अपनी  बातें
लेकिन  वो  पहले  जैसी  बात  कहाँ ?
इतना  कुछ  दबा  लिया  है  दिल  में  की
होठों  क  लिए  कुछ  बाकी  ही  नहीं

आज  वक़्त  तो  काफी  है
लेकिन  बातें  कम  पड़  जाती  है
दिल  बैठ  सा  जाता  है, और  आँखें ?
आँखें  बेझिझक  नम हो  जाती  है

बातो  बातो  में, कल  की  यादो  में,
कहाँ  से  कहाँ  खो  गई
जो  केहना था  वो  कहा  ही  नहीं
फिर  जो  अपनी  बात  हो  तो  बताउंगी
चाहती  तो  तुम्हे  शायद  भुला  देती
लेकिन  ऐसा  ना  जाने  क्यों, कभी  चाहा  ही  नहीं


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Posted by shiwuz on August 27, 2009

I was led by your nature
Or at least what you showed
The concern and care
That your actions bellowed

I trusted and believed
Whatever that you said
I thought you were for real
And gave up all I had

Yes, we started off quite alright
Whatever that we had
Until you leaked the farce
And showed off your real cad

Yes it hurt.
And it hurt quite a bit
When I finally gave up my woes
And declared we were illegit

After all,
I am but a human
I do re-live my wounds
Time and often

Today was such a day
And I decided to forgive you
And free MYself for ever
From the casts of this voodoo

You abused my innocence
Yes, you faltered my faith
I used to be a lover
There’s a reason why I hate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by shiwuz on June 26, 2008

And with a grief of parting with the old
I left my land with choices and compulsions
With an excitement to meet the new
I travelled miles in thousands

I met new people and I made new friends
I changed my ways and accepted new trends
But when I turn around and look back at the years
I feel like I got too far,
May be I need a second chance

Today, Someone –

Someone who’s been a mentor and a friend
Someone who I cherished the company of
Someone who I knew cared for me
Someone who I cared for

Today, Back on my mother land
That ‘someone’ passed away
I knew that I was guilty
Yes, I was just too far away!

Scanning thru the miles
I’d travelled thru these years
I recalled the time we spent
And I confronted my fears

I knew somewhere back in my mind
When I had decided to move on
That once in my life a time will come
When I’ll repent that I moved on.

I wish I stayed a little longer,
With that someone I had lost
I wish I’d built my house right there
On the roads at which we crossed

This aint the first time either,
I do have lost a lot
More and more I wish I stayed back
More often than not…

In the memory of my uncle and nephew-
Peace be, to thy great Soul!

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To A Lost Friend…

Posted by shiwuz on April 9, 2008

Sometimes, when people talk about friends, you always come to my mind and you always come to my heartfelt thoughts…

Sometimes when I hear some of your favorite songs, my eyes wet with
tears, and I look back thru the years…

Sometimes I cherish the times we spent together, and sometimes
I repent the mistakes we made…

Sometimes I think it was hard to find you, and then I realize it was the
hardest to let you go…

Do you never ever think of me?
Do you never cry like I do?
I know its been years, and people get over stuff,
But I cant, may be cuz you were an inseparable part of me…
Whether you believe it or not, I cant do anything to make you see,
How much and how much I do miss you!!

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