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To A Lost Friend…

Posted by shiwuz on April 9, 2008

Sometimes, when people talk about friends, you always come to my mind and you always come to my heartfelt thoughts…

Sometimes when I hear some of your favorite songs, my eyes wet with
tears, and I look back thru the years…

Sometimes I cherish the times we spent together, and sometimes
I repent the mistakes we made…

Sometimes I think it was hard to find you, and then I realize it was the
hardest to let you go…

Do you never ever think of me?
Do you never cry like I do?
I know its been years, and people get over stuff,
But I cant, may be cuz you were an inseparable part of me…
Whether you believe it or not, I cant do anything to make you see,
How much and how much I do miss you!!


10 Responses to “To A Lost Friend…”

  1. yaake said

    There’s an old Chinese proverb which says that if you think of someone hard enough and long enough, sooner or later, you’ll run into that person when you least expect it… 🙂
    Don’t give up hope…

  2. shiwuz said


    Thanks for stopping by… I guess you must be right about the chinese proverb…

    And you will be glad to know that ‘that sometime in life’ came very soon for me… i wrote this for my best friend, which i was no longer in touch with… fortunate enough, i had her email address to which she wasnt replying at all… and this one day, she decided to respond! you could imagine how it made my day, and this article worthy of being written…

    Thank you once again!
    Visit often…


  3. Yaake said

    Hey.. Where are you? Please blog…
    blog blog blog!! 😀

  4. shiwuz said

    @Yaake aka Nikhil:

    Sorry for disappointing you and thank you for expecting something good from my pen (thats what i can make out from ur comment)

    Give me a day or two, and I may have more stuff…


  5. yaake said

    I definitely know that it’ll be worth the wait… I can’t help it, I think I’ve become addicted to your style of writing… 🙂

  6. shiwuz said

    Here you go… I hope it was worth the wait.

  7. Rajesh said

    Very good article on Friendship whcih is always one among the best relations of a human life.

  8. shiwuz said

    @ Rajesh,

    Pa, this is one of the poems which was not imagination, but a true heart note to an old friend of mine… u know her well… just dont wanna mention her name here…

  9. jany said

    this is so real i lost a friend over a stupid card an d i regreated and i hope life gets better and i should just move on but its hard because a peace of my heart is broken and i ever think is there a person out thiuer to replace it but what i am going to do and i was thinking …is i am going to make my own show called my bfffffff forever

  10. shiwuz said


    I understand how you feel Jany, oddly our misunderstanding were also over a “stupid card”! well, i hope things get better at your end, may be u can just reach out and sort things out, sometimes its not as hard as it feels it is… some people are not replaceable, often they happen to be your best friends!

    good luck with your show too, i hope you make your way towards a better life and reuniting with the lost friend…

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