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Posted by shiwuz on April 20, 2008

Kabhie kahin koi din aisa aaye

Ki saanse chalti rahein aur waqt ruk jaaye

Kabhie kahin koi sagar kinare,

Pani behta rahein aur lehrein sookh jaaye

Ek aisi bhi kabhie shaam aaye

Jab suraj na doobe or chaand nikal aaye

Kabhie mujhe bhi kisise pyar ho

Aur meri deewangi mohobbat ki misaal ban jaaye

Kabhie kahin kisiko mein dekhti rahoon

Aur uski gehri aankho mein mera dil doob jaaye

Aur koi din chaahe aaye na aaye,

Bus ek aisa khoobsurat din zarur aaye

Jisme phulon ki mehek ho, Dharti ki goad ho,

Panchhiyo ki chehk ho, Taaron ki khoj ho,

Aur aahista se ye tann mann mere kudrat mein mil jaaye!


8 Responses to “Kabhie…”

  1. yaake said

    ek aisi hi din ka intezaar tha mujhko
    jab tumhari shabdon ka rang aankhon pe gira…
    woh din zaroor aayega, shiwani… tumhari har khwaish poori hogi…

    Ok, by now you’ve figured out that my written Hindi is quite pathetic… lol… But I can read very well… And was it worth the wait? You bet! It’s 12.05 am now, Monday morning, and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than read your beautiful lines above again and again and again… I can relate to this so well… I wait for such a day, for such an evening, for such a time, for such a perfect moment, for such love and for such a feeling too… I’ve been waiting for too long…
    Thank you so very much for making me feel so light inside… your words are water to a thirsty man… And I absolutely love the concluding line…
    You know, i’ve been trying to imagine it as I read it… the colors, the feelings, the memories come so easily as I read these lines… its just a beautiful work of art from a beautiful artist… I take my hats off to you… 🙂

  2. shiwuz said

    @ Yaake,

    There are often moments when reality hits harder than ‘fiction’, but more often there are moments, when ‘fiction’ enchants our real self, and despite of being ‘fiction’, it has a lot of power to change the truth… its hard to determine if reality is the mother of fiction or if it is the other way round!
    Talking about ‘fiction’ i actually dont like the word fiction personally, it kind of makes the art of imagination seem very shallow and fake!

    I am not sure if these words apply to me (not sure how advisable it is for a narrator to say that bout her words!)… but may be they do… who knows!!! Again, not sure if its reality or if its fiction! Often its the hardest to judge our own self 🙂

    I more than humbly accept your appreciation and appreciate your acceptance!


  3. yaake said

    When you say “fiction”, I don’t know if it applies to poetry… Poets like you don’t need a fictitious setting to compose their art, all you need is a whiff of reality…
    I don’t know whether you’ve composed this poem purely out of your imagination of whether there’s an element of real life in it, but if I had to guess, I’d say the latter… of course I could be wrong… 🙂
    you’re right when you say that its the hardest to judge ourself, but that’s all we can do… We don’t have the power or the authority to judge others, but sadly, a lot of ppl don’t see the difference…
    Maybe that’s why I’m still waiting for moments like that you’ve described… Maybe I’m being judged too quickly…. Hmmm… 🙂

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Yaake:

    Fiction, and again its a strange word… hard to define!
    If it applies to poetry or not, i think it does… just like it applies to everything else…
    About this being a pure imagination, I wouldn’t know if you are right or wrong, but like I said before its hardest to judge our own self and I am still struggling… 🙂


  5. yaake said

    Ah, well… Don’t struggle anymore… Don’t make yourself miserable anymore… Stop thinking of whether you should judge yourself or not, in fact, stop judging yourself…. When things that are meant to happen, do happen, you’ll feel lot better… It’d be a waste of time…
    See, this is the reason I love your writing – it makes me think of stuff I wouldn’t normally dare to think of… 😀

  6. shiwuz said

    @ Yaake,

    Well, not really struggling (in fact it comes and goes as do mood swings)… i would rather invest that time in writing or reading something intriguing 😉

  7. Rajesh said

    Aise hi koi din ki sabhi ko hamesha talash hoti hai. Kaash aisa koi din, bus ek baar hi sahi, sabhi ko mile.

  8. shiwuz said

    @ Pa, you are right… i guess we are all in search of that one day, one moment… when we shall realize the entire ‘worth’ of our existence…

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