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Posted by shiwuz on June 26, 2008

And with a grief of parting with the old
I left my land with choices and compulsions
With an excitement to meet the new
I travelled miles in thousands

I met new people and I made new friends
I changed my ways and accepted new trends
But when I turn around and look back at the years
I feel like I got too far,
May be I need a second chance

Today, Someone –

Someone who’s been a mentor and a friend
Someone who I cherished the company of
Someone who I knew cared for me
Someone who I cared for

Today, Back on my mother land
That ‘someone’ passed away
I knew that I was guilty
Yes, I was just too far away!

Scanning thru the miles
I’d travelled thru these years
I recalled the time we spent
And I confronted my fears

I knew somewhere back in my mind
When I had decided to move on
That once in my life a time will come
When I’ll repent that I moved on.

I wish I stayed a little longer,
With that someone I had lost
I wish I’d built my house right there
On the roads at which we crossed

This aint the first time either,
I do have lost a lot
More and more I wish I stayed back
More often than not…

In the memory of my uncle and nephew-
Peace be, to thy great Soul!


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