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Posted by shiwuz on June 10, 2008

As soon as you think of someone, the whole definition of that person gets titled by ‘the name’ of that person. So many people have the same name, yet so unique – and different from their co-name folks – different to people close to them! ‘Name’ which if spelled or said incorrectly, most of us would take offense to! And yet some others who say while shrugging ‘What’s in the name, ehh?!’ A lot of times, people do sins anonymously, and yet more people perform the best deeds of their lives anonymously too! Anonymity – Is it a fear of recognition, or is it a humble gesture of giving without taking credit? I guess both in different cases… … Unique to individuals and not their ‘Name’!

I am not sure what my friend was feeling, when he decided he needed to detach the name apart from him, tho’ just for a small piece of time… He wrote this for my blog, and told me he wanted to post it anonymously… and when I read the poem, I was surprised – Anonymity being the topic of his write-up too!

Cheers my friend, cheers to you, and cheers to all of us – who have felt what YOU felt at one or more moments, more often than never…


Darr hai k thaes na lage kabhi humdardo ko
Isi liye baenaami se dard-e-dil bayaa karta hun

Aek uljhan si ho geyi hai yeh zindagi
Jise sirhane talae chupa kar soye jaata hun

Yaaron ki mehfilo mai eak muskurahat ke saath
Baegaano ki tarah paimane piye jaata hun

Jab koi kehta hai k dil ki suno
Tab zeher si zuba bayaa kiye jaata hun

Koi kehta hai ke dimaag se kaam lo
To berukhi se kai dilo ko todae jaata hun

Dekhe hue khwaabo ko such karey ki talaash hai
Shayad ise liye hakikat se khud ko churaye jaata hun

Chod k yeh dil aur dimaag k kashmakash bhare taey khaane
Sochta hun k chhin lu usse apne aap k liye
Phir har subah apni yeh zindagi apno ke liye jiye jaata hun

– BaeNaam


3 Responses to “BaeNaam”

  1. Nikhil said

    Is your friend a big celebrity? If so, intro and autograph, please! 😀

  2. shiwuz said

    @ Nikhil:

    Celebrity he sure is, his introduction being held back due to a certain request. Autograph? umm…….. hahaha…

    Btw, who isn’t a celebrity? I think I am a celebrity, you are a celebrity, the author of this post is a celebrity… and everyone is a celebrity as perceived by themselves and sometimes by the people around them!

    Sometimes, we get so blindfolded by the glamor world outside, we tend to bypass the brightness that comes from within us…

    Here’s what I’d say to the autograph request… Sign your name on a pretty piece of paper, and keep it in the book you treasure the most (which I assume would be, ‘Untitled’ – by Nikhil Kumar)… And if you know the value of it, that probably would be the most valuable autograph you’d have from anyone, ever!

    Cheers mate! 🙂

    P.S. Not to mention, sorry for such a late reply!

  3. shiwuz said

    i read it again, and i wowed it again! great work!

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