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Posted by shiwuz on June 10, 2008

As soon as you think of someone, the whole definition of that person gets titled by ‘the name’ of that person. So many people have the same name, yet so unique – and different from their co-name folks – different to people close to them! ‘Name’ which if spelled or said incorrectly, most of us would take offense to! And yet some others who say while shrugging ‘What’s in the name, ehh?!’ A lot of times, people do sins anonymously, and yet more people perform the best deeds of their lives anonymously too! Anonymity – Is it a fear of recognition, or is it a humble gesture of giving without taking credit? I guess both in different cases… … Unique to individuals and not their ‘Name’!

I am not sure what my friend was feeling, when he decided he needed to detach the name apart from him, tho’ just for a small piece of time… He wrote this for my blog, and told me he wanted to post it anonymously… and when I read the poem, I was surprised – Anonymity being the topic of his write-up too!

Cheers my friend, cheers to you, and cheers to all of us – who have felt what YOU felt at one or more moments, more often than never…


Darr hai k thaes na lage kabhi humdardo ko
Isi liye baenaami se dard-e-dil bayaa karta hun

Aek uljhan si ho geyi hai yeh zindagi
Jise sirhane talae chupa kar soye jaata hun

Yaaron ki mehfilo mai eak muskurahat ke saath
Baegaano ki tarah paimane piye jaata hun

Jab koi kehta hai k dil ki suno
Tab zeher si zuba bayaa kiye jaata hun

Koi kehta hai ke dimaag se kaam lo
To berukhi se kai dilo ko todae jaata hun

Dekhe hue khwaabo ko such karey ki talaash hai
Shayad ise liye hakikat se khud ko churaye jaata hun

Chod k yeh dil aur dimaag k kashmakash bhare taey khaane
Sochta hun k chhin lu usse apne aap k liye
Phir har subah apni yeh zindagi apno ke liye jiye jaata hun

– BaeNaam


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Posted by shiwuz on May 26, 2008

Its 2:32 am, and I am not sure if I should call it 2:32 in the morning or 2:32 at night!

And why am I blogging at this awkward time?

AJ and I are just over with the longest silence we ever have had between us. And we both agreed to a point that it was no fun without the noise!

All this time, I thought that my scripts were entertaining…

But ever since my brother started writing, I felt that I should quit…

I wasn’t even close to being a rookie when I read his pieces…

But then I regained some strength, and put in some efforts to continue writing, but just today, I got this big blow right on my face which reminded me that I should really quit writing! The blow? It was from AJ, and it was actually a good one, the kind I would take lovingly at any given point of time.

The weather was good throughout the day, and later in the evening it got a bit cold. So I was kind of nagging, that we should go home… (we were in the ‘all-summer’ mood, until I gave up on the falling temperature)

Right then, AJ told me these few lines, which his mind built up, during the silence between us that I earlier mentioned of…

And I was so touched and taken by his thoughtfulness; I sincerely thought that my feelings were shallow and that my words did not even exist before his… I surrender with pride, and I surrender with respect for my conqueror!

The following lines, especially coming from ‘his’ thoughts, is what set me aback, and I noticed my self jaw-dropped, by the time he completed the last line! And once again, I thought that I should quit writing!

A magnificent work of art, direct dil-se!

(AJ, I love you more and more every time I think that I love you!)

Zarurat se kuch kam hone ki main sazaa paa rahaa hoon

Rishto aur rakam mein, main uljha jaa raha hoon

Maut Kishto mein mil rahi hai

Use Zindagi se main chuka raha hoon

Teri chuppi aur meri ankahi

Sannato se shunya ki taraf jaa rahaa hoon

Zarurat se kuch kam hone ki main sazaa paa rahaa hoon

Rishto aur rakam mein, main uljha jaa raha hoon

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Posted by shiwuz on May 8, 2008

Last movie seen in a theatre:
Black and White… I cant believe Anil Kapoor is 54 years old, I think he is a bigger surprise then Rekha… and the other guys looks great too, good looks with great talent!

What book are you reading?
Ship It!!

Favourite board game:
Sequence!!!! Its goooooooooooood…

Favorite magazine:
RD, yes I am still a little kid!! )

Favorite smells:
Smell from a new earthen water pot, rainshowers, issey miyake… )

Favorite sound:
My Wind-chimes!!

Worst feeling in the world:
Hangover from the ‘last night’!!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
I made it thru one other day, THANK GOD!!!

Favorite fast food place:
Laaries of India…

Future child’s name:
Don’t want it to be leaked… I m too picky!

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”
think what to do!

Do you drive fast?
I dint say I’d answer all questions!

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
yeah, stuffed with veins and arteries and muscles and bones and skin… a little extra stuffed…

Storms – Cool or Scary?
Cool in deserts, scary in cities…

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
All white…

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
Security measure agains ID Theft… UNDISCLOSED!

Favorite sports to watch:
I rather be in the game…

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
My Guru in story writing…

What’s under your bed?

Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Only as myself… I refuse anything else!

Morning person or night owl?
I sleep during both mentioned phases… Actually, I sleep all the time…

Over easy or sunny side up?
A good combination of the two…

Favourite place to relax:
Terrace of our first house…

Favourite pie:
Fudge Brownie…..

Favourite ice cream flavor:
Chocolate chips always…

You pass this tag to:
I don’t know anyone! L

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
If only I passed it…

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Mera to gum badalta rehta hai

Posted by Viral Trivedi on May 2, 2008


Ik ik saans ke saath,

Vaqt karvat badalta rehta hai..


Kuch naye rishto ke aage,

Ek purana rishta rang badalta rehta hai


Vo jo dil ko azeez hua karta tha kabhi,

Ab roz mere aage chehre badalta rehta hai


Yaari utaar ke taang di usne kapdo samet

Vo yaaro ke jazbaat  badalta rehta hai


Uss rishte ki surat budhi ho gai fir bhi

Kyu vo aaine badalta rehta hai!


Yaadein to mit ne se rahi…

Zamaana badalta rehta hai


Vo raazdaar hi kya hoga

Jo humraaz badalta rehta hai


Haal-e-bayaan kar deta hoon jis se

Dil ka mahol badalta rehta hai


Chahta hoon, khud ko badal dalu

Jaise har shaks badalta rehta hai


Main gum nahi karta kisi baat par

Mera to gum badalta rehta hai

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Posted by shiwuz on April 25, 2008

Jhalakte hai un aankho mein maikhaane kai baar

Chhalakte hai un aankho se paimaane kai hazaar

Panapte hai un aankho mein aashiq beqarar

Khilte hai unhe dekh kar ye gulshan ye gul-e-gulzar

Daras ko un aankho k taras jaati hoon mein

Karti rehti hoon har dum buss un aankho ka intezar

Ab to na soch baaki hai na samajh baaki hai mujhme

Kar jo nahi sakti mein un aankho ka ikhtiyaar

Hothon par sajte rehte hai aksar kuch tanha tanha naghme

Un aankho k bina ab aata hai na chein aur na hi karaar

Aawaam mein zaya karti hoon mein soone se ye lamhe

Un aankho k bina nindiya bhi aane se karti hai inkaar

Kabhie meri khabar na mile to kehna unko, wo padhle zara akhbaar

Wo jo na mile to nikla hoga kahin meri maut ka bhi ishtihaar

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Ehsaas na tha…

Posted by shiwuz on April 22, 2008

Kaagaz par phir shabdo ki kuch lakirein hum khinch diye

Wo lakirein kiski k liye yaadon ki sarhad ban jayegi ye ehsaas na tha…

Mehsus kiya hai ik aisa bhi rishta

Jo naam se aage nikal gaya

Malum pada jab logo ko

Duniya ne usko kuchal diya

Wo rishta dheere dheere se duniya se ojhal hone lagaa

Dil mein to magar wo tabse hi naasur k jaise palne lagaa

Hamara ghaav unhe dard na de so ghaav hum andar hi dabaa liye

Wo ghaav hi phir hamare jeene ki wajah ban jaayega, ye ehsaas na tha…

Wo ghaav jo dabaa k rakkha tha

Hum marham uska bana liye

Phir halke halke malkar usko

Chaddar k taley hum chhupa liye

Wo marham dhire dhire se, chaddar me aise ghulne lagaa

Wo ghaav to akkhir roojh gaya, chaddar ka rang kuch udne lagaa

Gaur se usko dekha to phir, khud hi se hum mukar liye

Ek ghaav mitane wala marham, chaddar par daag sa ban jaayega ye ehsaas na tha…

Dil ka bojh halka karne hum kalam toh utha diye

Wahi kalam ka tez rukh kisike dil par katari ban jayega ye ehsaas na tha

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Posted by shiwuz on April 20, 2008

Aapki yaad phir aati hai,

Par aane ke baad vo jaati to nahin

Kitna ye hamein rulaati hai,

Par aankho mein pani laati to nahin

Har kaam kuch kuch karte hain – kuch kuch nahin karte,

Ye dhadkan aapka naam bhulati jo nahin

Aap kya gaye hum to yu murjha gaye,

Koi bhi khushi dil ko behlati to nahin

Ye kya ho gaya hamein, kar baithe hum khud hi se dushmani,

Aapne kahin hamari raahein bhuladi to nahin

Thandi havaein jab chhoo jaati hai to lagta hai,

Kahin yaado ki aag phir jaladi to nahin

Idhar udhar dekh kar phir sochte hai,

Kahin kisine hamari kismat churali to nahin

Phir sochte hai sab kuch khuda pe chhod de,
Phir lagta hai kahin usse bhi hamari ye haalat ganvaari to nahin!

Phir sochte hai sab kuch khuda pe chhod de,
Phir lagta hai kahin ussey bhi hamari ye haalat ganvaari to nahin!

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