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Anuranan… Resonance… Vibration… Spandan

Posted by shiwuz on June 1, 2008

I was watching today, a movie i had never heard of before – Anuranan.

As each day goes, I am getting more and more absorbed into artful works of different kinds. Be it superior writing, painting, acting or thinking. As a result of that, I have become very fond of Rahul Bose lately. I have been watching his movies for the past couple days – Chameli and then Anuranan – and I see the consistency that he has, as an actor, as a performer, as a character, and to me – even as a person! Anuranan – starring Rahul Bose was captivating enough to make me watch the movie and then the name of it intrigued me even more.

No I am not writing a movie review – I am trying to share something I learnt from it. A line that fell on my ears and travelled straight thru my within, and may be i think gave me a new perspective of looking towards things, and analyzing my own behaviors. A line originally by Sir Rabindranath Tagore –


Returned here was referrring to going back, going back where you started, going back to the origin, going back to the roots.

And I pondered, is it true? After some quakes and spumes that were aroused in my thinking process, I was convinced – It is true! Certainly.

The movie overall was good, very low keyed, some may even call it un-real… but it touched me in someway.
Some such way that I do not know how, where and why? It just touched me deep within…

Rahul – just one more addition to your list of fans =)

Keep enlightening!


One Response to “Anuranan… Resonance… Vibration… Spandan”

  1. anonymous said

    while searching for someone else with same name, i stumbled upon this webpage.. inspired by some of the works here. i would like to add one of my own .. please go ahead and comment with discration..

    PS: great site.. will visit now and then.

    Darr hai ke theas na lage kabhi humdardo ko
    Isi liye benami se dard-e-dil bayan karta hun

    Eak uljhen si ho jaye hai yeh zindgi
    Jise sirhane tale chupa kar soye jata hun

    Yarron ki mehfilo mai eak muskuhrat ke saath
    Begaano ke terah paimane piea jatha thun

    Jab koi kehta hai ke dil ke suno
    Tab zher si zuba bayan kie jata hun

    Koi kehta hai ke deemag se kaam lo
    To berukhi se kai dilo ko tode jata hun

    Dekhe hue khawabo ko such kare ke talash hai
    Shayad ise liye hakikat se kudh ko churate rehta hun

    Chod ka yeh dil aur deemag ki kashmaksh bhare taikhane
    Soachta hun ke chhin lu osea anpe aap ke liye
    Phir har subha apnie yeh zindgi apno ke liye jiye jata hun

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