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Archive for the ‘Quotes’ Category

Anuranan… Resonance… Vibration… Spandan

Posted by shiwuz on June 1, 2008

I was watching today, a movie i had never heard of before – Anuranan.

As each day goes, I am getting more and more absorbed into artful works of different kinds. Be it superior writing, painting, acting or thinking. As a result of that, I have become very fond of Rahul Bose lately. I have been watching his movies for the past couple days – Chameli and then Anuranan – and I see the consistency that he has, as an actor, as a performer, as a character, and to me – even as a person! Anuranan – starring Rahul Bose was captivating enough to make me watch the movie and then the name of it intrigued me even more.

No I am not writing a movie review – I am trying to share something I learnt from it. A line that fell on my ears and travelled straight thru my within, and may be i think gave me a new perspective of looking towards things, and analyzing my own behaviors. A line originally by Sir Rabindranath Tagore –


Returned here was referrring to going back, going back where you started, going back to the origin, going back to the roots.

And I pondered, is it true? After some quakes and spumes that were aroused in my thinking process, I was convinced – It is true! Certainly.

The movie overall was good, very low keyed, some may even call it un-real… but it touched me in someway.
Some such way that I do not know how, where and why? It just touched me deep within…

Rahul – just one more addition to your list of fans =)

Keep enlightening!


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