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Tagged again! (this time inspirationally)

Posted by shiwuz on July 18, 2008

Nikhil had tagged me long time ago, but it was now that I was just reading through my comments and I realized that I had been tagged! I was a little inadvertent to tags, not because of any disinterest towards them, but because of ignorance about the whole idea of tagging!

To me it just means that someone trusts that I may come up with something at least readable to (maybe) conform their expectations from me!

Sorry Nik, again I’ve no excuses for the very late outcome of your kind effort to invoke the inspiration in me. But I believe you believe that its ‘better late then never!’

So I am inspirationally tagged! What’s my inspiration? Hmm, interesting question.

But before that, is there just one inspiration that a writer or poet could have? Inspiration – its debatable if all inspirations are real or fictitious.

Here, I have to mention a SONG that inspires me, but there are different facets to that as well, which add to my spontaneously accomplished state of confusion. I know a few songs that do, but is it the music, is it the lyrics, is it the rhythm, is it the voice of the artist? What is in that song that inspires me?

I had to think a bit… and I came up with a few…

But before that, I will mention the one I decided has it all…

“Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega

I have no explanation of course, or no justification, as to why I pick that one song.

There is something about it, undoubtedly!

Few other I like are:

A new day has come

Careless Whispers


Ae Ajnabi

Purani Jeans

Tanha Dil

I know, this may overwrite the rules of the tag, of ONE SONG, but there are always lee ways and exceptions… and then I can’t be disloyal to these other songs that inspire me either!

And I have to pass it on to 5 people, now that’s the toughest part!

Okay I at last managed… Here goes my tag… Rajesh, Viral, Sea Of Memories, Deeps, Rahul


9 Responses to “Tagged again! (this time inspirationally)”

  1. Nikhil said

    Finally, you did it!! See, I told you it’d be fun! 😀
    This song is really amazing! thanks for sharing it! You’re now constantly on my tag-roll, hehehe… I keep getting tagged like crazy always, and I’ll pass on all of them to u! 😀
    Cheers! 😀
    Sorry I’m very late and sorry I’ve been incommunicado, but I’ve been held up with so much work that I constantly wish there were like 40 hrs in a day! Sigh… 😀

  2. Shiwuz, Thanks for the tag…my name however, is not RUMI but Sea of Memories. Would you please change it in yout post? Thanks

  3. shiwuz said

    @ Nikhil:

    Yeah, it sure was fun with a little bit of hard work! 🙂

    I can understand your bz sched… i can relate myself to it… and i understand it aint no excuse either! 😀

    @ Sea of Memories:

    Sure, Updated! 🙂

  4. Thanks but your blogroll still says Rumi 🙂

  5. shiwuz said

    @ Sea Of Memories:

    Sorry bout that, Updated now… I think for sure… 😉

  6. deepsm25 said

    Woow..This was fantastic…Shiwani! Sorry I was a little late in catching up wit this! man! I am dammmee lazzzy with this yaar! But I will definitely do it! By next week or so 😛 No promises!

    Good one babe! Cya around!

  7. shiwuz said

    @ Deepsm25:

    I took a long time myself since I was supposed to do it, so you are excused for a few days yet… but let me know whenev its done!

    looking forward to it,

    take it ez 😉

  8. Rajesh said

    Hey Shiwuz, grt song n grt going. Gud energy inspite of buzy sch. And moreover, thnx 4 passing it 2 me 222. buck up n hv a nice journey ahead. GOD bless. tc.

  9. shiwuz said


    Dadday… glad that you liked it. Let me know when you complete the tag… Luv ya!


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