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You & I

Posted by shiwuz on March 29, 2014


You and I.
We’re a crazy two.
The words we say.
The things we do.

They called me a nutcase.
They who? Well of course my friends.
They said I need to calm my horses.
They said I’m out of hands.

So when I met you I thought
Hey! I’ve found my match.
You make me hum, you make me laugh.
I thought, Okay, what’s the catch?

There was none then.
There still aint one.
You and I are made for fun.
We back hug and we kissy face.
We knock knock and we run away.

So why is all this ramble?
And why is all this now?
I know you like to hear me say
Just how much I’m in love.


One Response to “You & I”

  1. Rajesh said

    simple and beautiful way of expression of love

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