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Archive for the ‘india’ Category

nothing is in place

Posted by shiwuz on December 5, 2008


And I watch from afar
As they rape my land
As they shed my blood
On HER aureate sand

They told me a story
Of a few armed men
Who caused catastrophes
And split HER in strands

They are smart and committed
And organized and learned
Tho’ I’m not alone
But my leaders are wretched

And there are many like me
Who wish they could do-
Do that something
’Bout the dejection that has accrued

I have heard the same story
Again and again
And I’ve stayed silent
And bore all the pain

But it hurts
To feel that I can’t
Do about anything
But complain and vent

I watch again,
HER crimson face
HER tears moist my eyes
How they beg for peace

How can I save HER, what can I do
I think
I am just a bloody no one
And again, I think?


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The day of a patriotic ME

Posted by shiwuz on August 15, 2008

Its not everyday that I take all my time to show my patriotism… but today, on our Independence day, that sleeping part of me, generally wakes up wide and tells me how I am so indifferent to it, blames me for sleeping all the year long, and waiting for this one day to do something, say something or write something!

And I bet that is not just me, its almost the entire Indian Youth! And to an extent its a shame! Do we really need a day to realize our duties towards our country?

Well anyways, the last thing I want to do is let this opportunity pass, and before that would happen… I figured I would express, how proud it makes me feel, every time I happen to say, I AM AN INDIAN!!

AJ and I were up late last night finding pictures that would describe my dear motherland the best, we got a few but any number would never be enough!
Though no picture could ever speak, some of these here tell stories, stories that you would narrate to yourself, stories that you live everyday, stories that you believe in, and all these are – stories about INDIA…

Also, I am embedding a video here, which again reminds me of the national integrity that we always talk about. As a small reminder to everyone who is missing the point…

“United we stood and we will stand, Divided we fell and we will fall!”

HAIL the the NATION who has given a richness of heart to all those who touched her sand…

(Its the cruelty of destiny that today I am away from India, but I guess it was necessary too, to make me realize HER worth!)

Vande Mataram!

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