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Posts Tagged ‘relationships’


Posted by shiwuz on January 6, 2013

Humein gumrah kisi ne nahi kiya.
Ye bhi nahi k humein sahi galat ki pehchan nahi.
Lekin jab dil pe junoon savaar ho to kya galat kya sahi,
Hum to khud hi apni raahon kay rehnuma thae…

(more to follow…)

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-With despair, agony, anger and lots of love

Posted by shiwuz on June 2, 2012

your void

A storm in my heart
Is trying hard
Its raging and roaring
And tearing all apart

I never knew such agony
I never knew such pain
All those times I needed you
Alas! You were not there again

Stop for once
And take a clue
Joy or pain I need to share
And I have none but you

Smiling for no reason
Walking hand in hand
Seem like things in movies
That You and I never can

From you I crave a look
With you I wish to dance
With me I wish you talked
Oh! How I Yearn Romance

Think of me sometimes
Give me but a chance
I may be worth your time
I may be worth a glance

I hope you realize, and soon
That I’m a human too
That I have lot of love to give
To you or not to you

-With despair, agony, anger and lots of love


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