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Posted by shiwuz on February 27, 2008


Sometimes I get confused.

I try to live by this funda: live life king size. I believe that life is too short for any moment to be spent unhappy… whatever happens in life cannot be so bad that u forget to smile! And most of the times, I succeed in applying it to my own life.

And then some other things I come across leave me all baffled. I hear about how people suffer, and I fail to find reasons that would provide them the faintest smile in an entire lifetime.

What could someone have done to deserve all so many misfortunes at once?! What could have led them to do something as bad that made them deserve it?! Did they incur all those misdeeds in their right minds, or were they forced by circumstances to do it?

And I keep on thinking and I keep getting confused all over again and again…

How can God be so unfair to some people and yet so blissful on some others? Am I even rightful to blame God for anything at all…? Or is it the people who need to be blamed? And if they are to be blamed, why do they need to be blamed?

I apologize to anyone who reads it, if this leaves you confused! That has not been the intent, or may be I wish I could be more clear to myself then I would not have had to project this to beyond my within!

Being able to write this in all the expectable luxuries of life, sometimes I wonder. Do I have the right to be so comfortable, when many others strive to convince themselves that there must be some fairness in this life that gets harsher with each passing breath? Or even if I do not have that right, why not?

Sometimes, tears roll down my eyes… making me feel helpless and hopeless! What can I do to solve this confusion and get some peace of mind? What can I do to make myself not feel guilty about the conditions of my other people?!

Apart by no more than six degrees of separation in theory, all so close and yet all so different, sometimes I get confused!


7 Responses to “Tangled”

  1. Rajesh said

    You have rightly said – “LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE”. This is the real phenomena of life one has to accept. The misfortunes to some people and fortune to others is a part of life. One has to accept the life as it is. Only hard working and sincerity towards life makes a life good – fortunate. Its neither GOD neither THE PERSON HIM/HERSELF who has been living life in a unfortunat, pitiable conditions. The circumstances of the human being takes him/her to that path where one has to live. Its said that whatever one has done in the previous life gets the new life like that only. Its not still understood whether before this life, a human being had a life earlier to this or after the death, may one be getting the another life. But the reality is that one has to live the life as its given. Ofcourse the person can try hard, to make the life beautiful like the other people live in a better way. Its not that u live the life as its given, one must try to improve it by doing positive things in the life which has been lived. Of course, this has always been a questionable matter whether if the GOD is there, why people here live like this – some beautifully and some very miserably.

    GOD bless.

  2. shiwuz said

    @ Rajesh,

    Dad, agreed to all that you said… But havent u ever seen ppl who work way harder and sincere and honestly then some others and still their lucks are subdued beyond imaginations… may be its true that they get in return for what they previously, but when they first did anything wrong, who gave them the wit to do the unlikely?

    But i do agree with you, and i do agree with me… and that is what again leads to more and more confusion!

  3. yaake said

    Confusion is the first step towards self-discovery… The most common reason why people become as confused as you were when you wrote this blog is that they’re expected to follow in the footsteps of established norms and adhere to the “rules” and “appearances” of society, when you know that you’re meant to so something great and something out-of-the-ordinary.
    Society doesn’t understand this… You’re forced to be “like the kid next door”…
    That’s when you start thinking whether the society is right or whether you are… That’s the root of the confusion… But, if you strongly believe that you can achieve what you want to without being forced into submission, then I think Society deserves a kick in the rear end… 😀

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Yaake aka Nikhil…

    few ppl pay attention to the details like you did… not even sure if it was out of following the norms established by the society, but that could be one reason for that confusion… its more bout ppl’s fate and destiny… speaking of deeds, karma, luck and every individual’s thought processing, y things are they way they are… and again… between God and luck and karma and destiny, i still keep getting confused!

  5. yaake said

    I think I can understand your confusion… It’s pretty important to realize that not everyone is created with the same intention… some ppl are meant to be something, and others are meant for something else… fate and destiny have become more of an excuse nowadays for ppl who don’t seem to have things going for them…
    But from what i can make out from you, i think you should give urself some time to figure things out… take a break from your routine – work or college – and try finding out what it is that’s causing the confusion… it goes a long way in helping you find the solution… 🙂

  6. To,
    The new age philosophers,
    Shiwani & Party,


    I know, the addressing style here above is fantastically weird, but excuse my frenzy… I have no track of where did this weird urge of putting it that way came into my simple mind… perhaps the urge must have been to merely show up different, and so not the urge but the show is weird. Grrrrr anyways…. I’m overlooking the point that I wanted to make… In point of fact, I read the exchange of thoughts here above which led me to put in my opinion here to you all… I’m really unsure of whether will my discussion help the confusion be eradicated or be bigger…

    Philosophy identifies two different things, Karma and Destiny. Now those who choose to pronounce of what they really believe in, are themselves not having the clarity of their belief, I suppose… If anyone here has, please explain. What is karma? It is your deeds, your actions! And then what is destiny? It is your fate, your journey which has already been storyboarded by the Creator, or the Controller I must say. Someone would ask you, what do you believe in, destiny or karma? You would put forth your answer as per your take on things or to be honest, whatever comes as a spontaneous strike to your mind at that particular point of time. That’s how and what normally most of us do… anyways… again, coming back to the relativity of my mind spumes on this subject, I would want to ask a couple of simple, very simple questions… If you believe in destiny, then why karma? Meaning, if there is destiny in place for you, you must agree that no matter what your actions are, what is destined to happen will happen… so rob the bank, murder people around you or do whatever crime… if you’re destined to receive good in life, you certainly will… like they say, all that happens has already been pre-decided by the CEO’s of “”… Or otherwise, I mean… do whatever good to others, help the needy, do good deeds… however, as fate must have in store, so shall you receive at the end of the day…. That is about destiny… Now to confuse it with Karma, I think to myself, then why is it that a child is born in a beggar’s family and why is another child born in the Bill Gates family? Why such discrimination between two indifferent children of God – that God, who’s one… at par our petty human designs and variety of God as an entity, God after all is one, I’m sure you’d agree! Now, that child who’s born in the beggar’s family has just come to life… and before his life began, his destiny masters decided to give him miseries? Despite the fact that he has not yet done no karma… Good or bad… and likewise, why that lucky boy in Bill Gates family? Some would come jumping in to mention that depending on the karma of your previous life, your fate for current life has been written… But, to contradict this belief, and hit back straight in its face, there is this counter belief which says that all that you do today, tomorrow or what you did yesterday… you’ll receive the worth of it in this life itself… good or bad worth… good or bad fate… science also vouches that… The great Newton’s one of the laws states, “action and reaction are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction”… that implies not only to the worldly objects but also to the abstract objects within one’s self… all of our selves…

    I have not really convinced myself on the way and the amount I’ve put in words to describe my thoughts about Karma and destiny… that’s probably because, time has been short and I’m at work… My karma is calling me… but at the end, this confusion is left unresolved for me since that time in the past when I had thought about it for the first time. But today, I seek answers… answers, not about what is real – karma or destiny. But answers about what the relativity between both of them is… Both are inter-related, I’m sure… but how? Someday, the answer shall be explored… and that finding will be a discovery in real sense… discovery of my greatest perplexity ever… someday, when I’m destined to get the answer…

    For now, I leave you guys to contemplate and brood over for, when I return back, I have some signs of a destined answer, indeed …!

    … pEace!


  7. shiwuz said

    @ Viral Affection:

    Bro, We always thought alike, and we still do… and indeed your signs of a destined answer are a result of my Karma… you gave a good example here of a child’s birth, which helps in further explaining my confusions and the tangled thoughts that my mind represents… and still by large, it still stays as it is…

    Its funny tho’… may be I am just crazy, or insane or both… I had a dream yesterday, where I was one-on-one with the Goddess Herself… and I asked him, y were these differences. She said they both go very hand in hand… and then she also gave me a few pages to read (like a divine documentation) which proved the fact that they are both synonymous to each other… and ofcourse, before i completed reading it, my dream broke… and added more to my already existing lack of understanding this whole relation!

    Now I am thinking, may be, the pages she gave me to read, where parallel to the life that I am living, which must be like an auto biography written by me in my after-life…. and then, it would be more clear… who knows!!

    And hey, the fashion in which you addressed me and my think-alike fellows… its a compliment… cuz that (philosophy) forms a big part of what I lived by… and how I am living hand-in-hand with LIFE herself…

    Thank you for expressing your thoughts, it definitely helps, just to know that I am not the only one thinking such, and its not unusual…

    Lots of Love,


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