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nothing is in place

Posted by shiwuz on December 5, 2008


And I watch from afar
As they rape my land
As they shed my blood
On HER aureate sand

They told me a story
Of a few armed men
Who caused catastrophes
And split HER in strands

They are smart and committed
And organized and learned
Tho’ I’m not alone
But my leaders are wretched

And there are many like me
Who wish they could do-
Do that something
’Bout the dejection that has accrued

I have heard the same story
Again and again
And I’ve stayed silent
And bore all the pain

But it hurts
To feel that I can’t
Do about anything
But complain and vent

I watch again,
HER crimson face
HER tears moist my eyes
How they beg for peace

How can I save HER, what can I do
I think
I am just a bloody no one
And again, I think?


12 Responses to “nothing is in place”

  1. Aditya said

    I have seen everyone writing long posts about how they feel about the tragedy at Mumbai; None of them bring out the feelings that you have so succintly brought out in your poem.
    Surely am putting this blog on my blogroll.

  2. This was a forward msg I’d received… Here it goes…

    I dont want to light a candle to bury my remembrance for those who have died. My heart’s full of anger resentment, pain and revenge.I see no victory. I see no reason to celebrate. I see no reason to hoist my national flag outside Taj hotel. 10 terrorists had the power to make the entire nation go crazy for 60 hours we must fight back. If the government cant save us, let the army rule this country. The subtle speeches of Manmohan Singh & Pratibha Patil fail to extinguish my anger. For the first time in my life, I dont feel proud to be an Indian, a country which is unsafe, volatile and corrupt. We want reaction. India needs leaders, not businessmen but social volunteers who can lead. Its time to wakeup….

    Wonderful poetry above there, sis… extremely intriguin…

    Jai Hind!

  3. shiwuz said

    @Aditya: Everyone who wrote abut the tragedy at Mumbai, must have felt the same things in the same way, its just the limitation of words and language – that this feeling is expressed differently! I wish I could do more than just write a poem… Maybe I can – but I dont know my potential, Maybe I can – but I am not that brave!

    Thanks for the honoring words… If you can give me your blog address, I can link you from here as well…



  4. shiwuz said


    “I see no reason to hoist my national flag outside Taj hotel. If the government cant save us, let the army rule this country.” – I so much agree…

    Thanks bro, for sharing the *forward*, its more than that-



  5. Aditya said

    The Social Blog

  6. Very nice.

  7. shiwuz said

    @Trailblazer: Your blog is very interesting as well!

  8. Nikhil said

    Very nice! And I love the new look! 🙂
    I think this poem needs to be shared with everyone! I’m doing some free PR for you and I’m sharing this with everyone! 😀

  9. shiwuz said

    @Nik: Thanks and Thanks! 🙂 I hope it inspires someone to do SOMEthing! 🙂

  10. Pranay said

    shiwaneeeeeee…. good poem…
    inspired me to write something.. hehe..

  11. Rajesh said

    Shiwu, a very lovely, hearth-touching patriotic poem, which in fact if circulated among the people at different levels, will bring some patriotism among the readers and may be some of them come across and join their hands to fight against the terrorism and the so called social workers – politicians – too. God bless.

    Jay Hind

  12. shiwuz said


    I am glad I am glad, but was the inspiration just in the head or did it come out on paper?


    I wish I could do better than write a mere poem… thank you anyways for your humble appreciation…

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