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“When we don’t talk…”

Posted by Viral Trivedi on May 25, 2009

when we don't talk

When we’ve argued and had a dispute

When all our conversations have gone mute

When words stop birthing and thoughts don’t grow

You have no idea darling, I feel so poor and low

When there’s no chit-chat and talking between us

When a tiny little thing turns into such a big fuss

When we don’t talk, there’s no soothing noise

I wonder what to do, I have no choice

The wall turns pale and the furniture stares at me

Within our home, they’re witnesses of my misery

I feel so cruelled and helpless with everything around

When we’re constantly quarreling, but without a sound

My vision goes blurred and the sun fades away

My mind goes blank and dull goes the day

For days and nights, when our eyes don’t meet

Neither mornings, nor at evenings we greet

Lost is the love and emotions shattered

Only ashes we have, of all that mattered

We don’t even know of what went wrong

No, ya I know, nothing really went wrong…!

Then, why does it take such a long time…?

Is there no cure, no quick regime…?

Inside my heart, I bleed and suffer

Please for once, let your ego surrender

My heart, I feel is tied up tight

There’s so much sorrow and less delight

Why do you always, have to prolong and delay…?

Couldn’t you this time, refute my dismay…?

Am I the only one to break the ice forever…?

Don’t take me for granted baby, I can’t always pamper…!

O my love, I hope you will value

How much eternal, my love is for you

Pretending that I’m watching everything but you

I constantly gaze and steal glimpses of you

I wish for once you could reciprocate and be fair

To the labors I’ve always done in doing the repair

Don’t you care for the twinkle in my eye…?

That, for every little reason you easily let it die

I wish that some day you show some good concern

And realize that I’m waiting, this time it’s your turn

So come and hold me, make me cry out all my pain

Tell me honey that you’re sorry for being late again

Baby you don’t know, I’ll feel so nice and light

I’ll really say nothing but “it’s okay… it’s alright”

But again my love, when the next time this occurs

Please promise me, it’ll not be me who suffers

That you’ll not take too much of a wait time

Just assure me of that and I promise it’ll all be fine

Neither yours nor my heart should suffer and bleed

To make it beautiful, some promises are all we need

A promise to stay happy, a promise to be fair

A promise to love and a promise to care

But alas, right now I really feel so poor

We don’t talk; we don’t look at each other

My voice within is choking, I’m dying

Too much it seems, my soul is crying

I want it back and I want it like before

Nothing less than “that love”, and nothing more

Holding hands, when we sleep at nights

While we smile again and forget our fights

When we don’t talk, when I don’t hear your voice

I wonder, when again there will be reason to rejoice

It’s my only prayer, may good times soon return…!

May pain pass out and take a jolly turn…!

Let us again, recover the bliss

Let us again, share a goodnight kiss

And one more thing, I want to declare

That, I for you will always be there

And these feelings of mine, while I am narrating

I want you to know that I’ll continue waiting

So please my love, come back soon

Sit on my lap and watch the moon

And tomorrow there will be a brighter sunrise

Our days of courtship will once more reprise…!!!


*** Above lines are a work of fiction and purely imaginary; nothing relating to the author’s own circumstances. Hence, it is modestly requested for this not to be perceived as a reflection of the writer’s personal emotions in a relationship. However, a lot of us who are in a relationship may as well be able to relate to these emotions due to the very nature of relationships as to how complex they are and that, quarrels & clashes are parts and parcels of the bond of love that binds the individuals involved. It is hoped that this unreal (to the author) tale of feelings which is made-up to express the sentiments one runs through when having quarreled with his/her beloved, is reasonably relatable; and that, it is able to give all of us a view into our other (better) half’s perceptions of how he/she would have felt when we had sometime disregarded their right to expect us to break the ice and pamper not our ego but the relationship…

 … Hearty condolences to all those lovers in this world, who couldn’t unfortunately take the pressure and gave up

… For admiration and tribute to all those survivors who several times overcame such tough phases and progressed positively ahead

… For the Inspiration and encouragement of present/future lovers to handle delicate situations with care


6 Responses to ““When we don’t talk…””

  1. BaeNaam said

    May all your wishes come true and one that you love sees this too..

  2. shiwuz said

    I can relate to a lot of what you have, and I know exactly how it feels!

  3. pranay said

    very nice poem shiwaneeeee…. seriously very nice…. n i guess almost everyone who wil read this wud relate to it… cuz if nt all.. most of the part of it is true in everyones case who has been in a relationship… amazingly written..

  4. shiwuz said

    @ Pranay:

    Neee, thanks much much, but I am not the one who wrote it… Viral did, and tht’s what I said, its so relatable!!! Did you read the footnote? That’s even more touchy 🙂

  5. Ashwathy said

    You say your life has no relation to all that and still you’ve written this much?
    All I can say is one word: WOW! 🙂
    keep it coming!

  6. Rajesh said

    A beautiful poetry, a truth of life, touching everyone alive on this earth. Its awesome. May GOD bless u both to put such a beautiful poetry on the blog.

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