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Posted by shiwuz on July 8, 2009

This little masterpiece is the creation of the same friend, who put together the lines of the previously posted ‘BaeNaam’… After I read it, I thought that my readers or rather my friend’s readers deserve to know who the person is, so I asked if it is okay for me to share the name… and my friend did something more creative again – left the decision to me!


jab woh nahi the to koi ehsaas nahi tha
kabhi koi shikve shikayat nahi the
koi gum or kuhshiyo ka saathi bhi nahi tha

phir aap ne kadam badhaaye ya humne thaamaa haath
kuch bhi yaad nahi kahaa se hui shuruaat
aapne baant li zindagi jaise, ho khushiya gum ke saath
ab to sirf parchhaai ban ke reh gaye hum aapke baad


14 Responses to “Parchhaai”

  1. Nikhil said

    My god, that picture is awesome! Where did you get it from? Its awesome!

    • shiwuz said

      @Nikhil: The picture is THE inspiration for these lines… and it was sent to me with the poem by “BaeNaam”… maybe you can imagine, when I first saw it – I literally gasped!

  2. Ashwathy said

    WOW!!! mind-blowing, that!! and the pic accompanying it speaks volumes!

  3. What a great pic!
    Who’s it by?

  4. shiwuz said

    @Ashwathy: Thanks sweety!

    @Neha: Yes absolutely… Not sure who the photographer is, I tried to look, but no luck!

  5. Gulmohar said

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate it. A very good picture and an even better shayari.

    phir aap ne kadam badhaaye ya humne thaamaa haath
    kuch bhi yaad nahi kahaa se hui shuruaat

    Wah !

  6. Mihir said

    Hey,Angellll!!!! I visited in your blog today n found so many great n different articles. anyways,,,,yeah 🙂 this pic is tooooooooooooo exceptional.need to look it again n everytime we r left surprised by creative!!!!!

    • shiwuz said

      Hey Mihir… you should have been here long ago, but its never too late 🙂 yeah the photography is amazing resulting into a sweetly shocking picture… I am glad you liked the other things too, however – did you read the poem – ‘Hope is the Name!’ ?

  7. darshan dave said

    Hello,jay’s amazing.u r real artist. we r proud of u. keep it up.once again it’s superb

    • shiwuz said

      Jay Himja, this is written by one of my friends, the same person who wrote the previous poem BaeNaam… I will pass on the compliments. And thanks for such high regard! 🙂

  8. Harsh said

    I saw that image in one of the mails I received … its awesome … can look a bit ghostly at times … lol 😆

    first time here … nice blog .. 😉

    • shiwuz said


      I hope your ‘first time here’ was a good one… and not so spooky with the ’sometimes gostly’ image…
      I’ve seen your blog as well, and you are a very good blogger yourself…

      Visit Often,


  9. sanjib murmu said

    very very nice picture ………. please i wanted share this picture . so i request to u that please give me permition to share this picture.

    • shiwuz said

      Dear Sanjib,

      Sorry for a late reply. I have tried hard to find the author of this picture, but without luck. Please feel free to use it..


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