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Posted by shiwuz on September 3, 2010

What it was or what it is, I care less
What mattered was you, then and now
And I will see that that’s how it stays

Then it was attraction,
I the subject who objectified the ‘you’
You being the driver of my reckless do’s

Then it was adamance,
An urge, a greed
Now all there is, is the need

What was in me has changed
A fire that was there
Now all there is, a spark, but that’s enough

I have you
I am the one who made the choice
And I am surviving, a pleasure

All I need to say is
Then it was you, and today too
And from where I see, it will always be you


3 Responses to “you”

  1. Kapil M Khambholja said

    absolutely gr8…

  2. shiwuz said

    Thanks Kapilkumar! =)

  3. Rajesh said

    Beautifully written, yes its two of them always who have joined in any situation, after certain period of time, it becomes a need and the habit of each other

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