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Mera to gum badalta rehta hai

Posted by Viral Trivedi on May 2, 2008


Ik ik saans ke saath,

Vaqt karvat badalta rehta hai..


Kuch naye rishto ke aage,

Ek purana rishta rang badalta rehta hai


Vo jo dil ko azeez hua karta tha kabhi,

Ab roz mere aage chehre badalta rehta hai


Yaari utaar ke taang di usne kapdo samet

Vo yaaro ke jazbaat  badalta rehta hai


Uss rishte ki surat budhi ho gai fir bhi

Kyu vo aaine badalta rehta hai!


Yaadein to mit ne se rahi…

Zamaana badalta rehta hai


Vo raazdaar hi kya hoga

Jo humraaz badalta rehta hai


Haal-e-bayaan kar deta hoon jis se

Dil ka mahol badalta rehta hai


Chahta hoon, khud ko badal dalu

Jaise har shaks badalta rehta hai


Main gum nahi karta kisi baat par

Mera to gum badalta rehta hai


14 Responses to “Mera to gum badalta rehta hai”

  1. shiwuz said


    should i say its depth is intriguing? tht wud b n understatement!

    What else should I say, thanks millions for adding to my blog… and making it our blog! afterall, its never been u or i, its always ‘us’…

    wouldn’t hurt if i mentioned again, m a big fan of ur’s!!!!!

  2. Yaake said

    Amazing use of poetic license!! I love it!!! 😀
    Who’s the poet? Shiwuz or bro?

  3. @ shiwuz

    It’s indeed been a conscious though spontaneous urge to add to your blog… “our blog”

    And of course, thanks for the positive reception of my lines…


  4. shiwuz said

    @ Yaake,

    I am still in the queue for getting the license… such a work of art, so subtle yet so profound, has to be coming from bro… 🙂

    @ Bro,

    Thanks for giving me a chance of positive reception!! 🙂

  5. wow wonderful poem.. did u write it?

  6. Nikhil said

    you’ve been inspirationally tagged… 🙂
    Please consider it…

  7. Rajesh said

    Chahta hoon, khud ko badal dalu
    Jaise har shaks badalta rehta hai

    Main gum nahi karta kisi baat par
    Mera to gum badalta rehta hai

    A beautifulllllllll bunch of thoughts and these are the beautiful lines among them… Cheer up n take care. Luv

  8. shiwuz said


    Hi Ankur, thanks for stopping by. My brother actually wrote the poem, and yeah, i loved it too!


    I have considered it… infact, i have posted it too, not sure upto what extent its appropriate!

  9. shiwuz said

    @ Rajesh,

    Dad, all the lines of it are so beautiful… so simple yet so deep…

  10. Raj said

    hey its great, its cool like a life.
    Chahta hoon, khud ko badal dalu
    Jaise har shaks badalta rehta hai

    its a wonderful line.

  11. shiwuz said

    @ Raj,

    Raj, Welcome to my little world… I am glad you liked it… Visit more often… And please offer your active criticism, I will be pleased to receive it…


  12. Sonica said

    Hi Guys,

    It’s been long long time… Now i found ya both here. Lovely writings.

    Miss ya all so much.

    Cheers mate,

  13. shiwuz said


    Soniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! OMG!! I am speechless, its sooooooo good to hear from you, you know its been such a long time, and I had no trace of you- I am happy I blog now, that you found me here!! And m sure, Viral will be too!!

    Viral wrote this one on my blog, but he has his own blog going on, much better than mine, lol! 🙂 its

    Anyways, I’ve emailed you more, dont wanna write an essay here!

    Miss ya loads too!!

    Cheers (Samiya)! 😀


  14. Sonica,

    Heeeeey, good to trace you (wink).. (oops..) rather good to be traced by you… wow, it feels so undefinable to find someone back, someone whom you never thought could turn up like this… And that someone whom you didn’t even get a chance to say a bye to… didnt even realize when you got lost from each others’ reach. Feels really euphoric!

    anyways, let me not be so very generous of more lines against your just 2 lines of message here above. Lolz.

    how r u? how have you been? where are you? what ‘re you upto, lady?

    .. pEace!

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