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Posted by shiwuz on May 26, 2008

Its 2:32 am, and I am not sure if I should call it 2:32 in the morning or 2:32 at night!

And why am I blogging at this awkward time?

AJ and I are just over with the longest silence we ever have had between us. And we both agreed to a point that it was no fun without the noise!

All this time, I thought that my scripts were entertaining…

But ever since my brother started writing, I felt that I should quit…

I wasn’t even close to being a rookie when I read his pieces…

But then I regained some strength, and put in some efforts to continue writing, but just today, I got this big blow right on my face which reminded me that I should really quit writing! The blow? It was from AJ, and it was actually a good one, the kind I would take lovingly at any given point of time.

The weather was good throughout the day, and later in the evening it got a bit cold. So I was kind of nagging, that we should go home… (we were in the ‘all-summer’ mood, until I gave up on the falling temperature)

Right then, AJ told me these few lines, which his mind built up, during the silence between us that I earlier mentioned of…

And I was so touched and taken by his thoughtfulness; I sincerely thought that my feelings were shallow and that my words did not even exist before his… I surrender with pride, and I surrender with respect for my conqueror!

The following lines, especially coming from ‘his’ thoughts, is what set me aback, and I noticed my self jaw-dropped, by the time he completed the last line! And once again, I thought that I should quit writing!

A magnificent work of art, direct dil-se!

(AJ, I love you more and more every time I think that I love you!)

Zarurat se kuch kam hone ki main sazaa paa rahaa hoon

Rishto aur rakam mein, main uljha jaa raha hoon

Maut Kishto mein mil rahi hai

Use Zindagi se main chuka raha hoon

Teri chuppi aur meri ankahi

Sannato se shunya ki taraf jaa rahaa hoon

Zarurat se kuch kam hone ki main sazaa paa rahaa hoon

Rishto aur rakam mein, main uljha jaa raha hoon


6 Responses to ““ULJHAN””

  1. Nikhil said

    Wow… hats off to AJ..!!!
    Ok, I’m guessing he’s either your boyfriend or your hubby but if i’m wrong, then forgive me… 🙂
    You seem to move in creative circles da..!! Amazing lines!! And its so romantic, given the silence you described… 🙂

  2. shiwuz said

    @ Nikhil:

    Thats what I said, hats off to you honey, when he mentioned it! AJ is my hubby & u r not wrong ofcourse, writers have this habit of reading between lines, not to mention u r such a great writer!

    Yeah, it is very creative and even more romantic, given the silence that WAS…

  3. Asha said


    I have been coming to your blog for a while now.
    But today i felt i had to write something!
    Please do not undermine yourself by saying you are no good at this!
    I love reading anything new from you, also the way you pen down your thoughts are very intriguing, i always want to know more!
    And as for comparing yourself to your brother or anyone else, you should stop doing that too!
    It is fair to say that you are your worse critic, but there is also no harm in humbly appreciating your own talent!
    Hope to see more from you soon!
    Stay happy!

  4. shiwuz said


    First of all, apologies for such a delayed response. I have been caught up with other things that needed prime attention. But I am really delighted to read your comment. Fact is that I am not comparing myself to others, its just a way of appreciating and expressing the extent to which i admire the writers that I mentioned above. But I understand your point of view. In fact, I am even more happy to learn that you have been visiting my site often and that my scribbles provide some kind of entertainment to you. Its a satisfaction matter for writer.

    Once again, Thank you so much for taking the time out to write up. It will be a pleasure to read more of your views.

    Take care,

    In hope to provide with more that will make you keep coming down…


  5. Rahul Bose said

    Hi Shiwani,

    Thanx for your comments on my blog. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not Rahul Bose the actor. Yes we do share the same name. But I guess that’s all what is common between us. I believe Rahul Bose the Actor did start his blog post, but I don’t think he’s an ardent blogger.

    I, on the other hand love blogging. Now that the facts are laid out in front of you, may I ask what aspect of my blogs have impressed you? By the way, while I’m responding to your comment, I am on a Looong break, trying to finish my project (I’m currently in the IT business).

  6. shiwuz said


    I was into a loud laughter after i read your comment! Silly me… so sorry about that… but your blog indeed is worth a read… good thing that the commonness of your name with the actor helped me in discovering a nice page… tell me one thing, do you get many of those, or am i the only retard?! =)

    I am in IT as well, but it was great to hear back from you… Its an incident I am gonna share with my peeps, give them a bit of humor…

    Keep visiting =)


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